Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Elementia Chroncles: Quest for Justice

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Stan2012, or Stan, has joined the Elementia server at a dangerous time. Unbeknownst to him, a new law is about to go into action. The ruler of the server, King Kev, is going to ban all noobs from Element City! Stan decides to head to the Adorian Village, a village devoted to helping new players. On his way, he meets Charlie and Kat, two other low level players, and has to deal with mobs and griefers that try to kill him and his friends.

Once Stan, Kat, and Charlie reach the Adorian Village, they meet 4 players who will aid them in their quest; Jayden, Archie, Goldman, or G, and Sally. They go through a training session on how to survive in Minecraft, which includes learning archery, fighting, crafting, mining, and farming. While Stan is talking to an older player, Crazy Steve, about the corrupt government, Crazy Steve is killed by a griefer. Stan is a little downhearted for a little while, but a good talk with Sally, who he has a crush on, gets him right back on his feet.

After finishing up the training program, Steve, Charlie, and Kat all head off to Element City to find a job and take up a role in society. However, almost all of the folks are prejudiced against noobs except one, Blackraven. He hires them, but his house ends up being griefed and Blackraven is presumably killed inside. Right after that whole turn of events, King Kev comes out to announce that all players under level 15 will be banished from Element City. Outraged over Blackraven’s death and the law, Stan takes Kat’s bow and tries to assassinate the King!

The King sends his army out after Stan, Charlie, and Kat, but first, he destroys the Adorian Village, along with killing the mayor, Adoria. Stan is heartbroken and furious, so he decides to revolt! With the help of Charlie and Kat, they head out to find the secret stash of King Kev, and start a revolt against the king. Along the way, they learn the history of Elementia’s past and make some friends who turn out to be powerful allies, such as the Apothecary, Bill, Ben, and Bob. They grow ever stronger, but will it be enough to defeat the King and his army? 

My favorite part of The Elementia Chronicles is that it incorporated lots of different situations and emotions. There were moments of excitement, sadness, anger, worry, and the author even managed to throw in a tiny bit of romance! That’s not easy to do!
I really liked this book, but there was something I didn’t really like. I didn’t like how some of the first characters introduced in the book, Charlemange and Caesar are barely used! They just seem like dust bunnies sitting in the corner of a gigantic library. Unimportant and barely noticed! I hope the author uses at least one of them more in the next book. Even though they’re villains, I hope there’s more character development. It feels like something’s missing.
Overall, I give this book a 5/5 star rating!

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