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Hunger Games Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire starts out in district twelve where Katniss Everdeen (the winner of the seventy fourth hunger games) is enjoying her new life of  luxury, when Katniss won the Hunger Games with Peeta both of the victors became very rich. After one year, The Second Quarter Quell is read to the country of Panem and the Quell is that The existing pool of victors are re entered into the Reaping and forced to go back into the arena and fight for their lives.
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The tributes for district twelve are Peeta and Katniss and then they were quickly transported back to the capital after President Snow visited Katniss at her home. After the president leaves his threat of executing Gale hanging in the air. She marries Peeta to satisfy President Snow’s wishes.
Once the tributes take their positions inside the metal cylinders Katniss sees something really terrible… But then the platform begins to rise up and into the arena and she overcomes her grief and runs straight at the cornucopia.Then she meets up with allies she didn't know she had and together they run into the forest. With Finnick and Mags at their side Katniss had a good chance of surviving the games.
Later thick toxic fogs surrounds the team killing one of their members. Once again getting over the loss Katniss and her remaining teammates run through the forest to the cornucopia and pick over the  weapons.
Then Katniss and her team find Johanna Mason, Wiress and Beetee which quickly team up with them and very quickly after Enobria and Brutus show up at the cornucopia and the pairs fight but then Enobria and Brutus retreat back into the woods. Later Beetee hatches a plan to kill Enobria and Brutus, and Finnick and Katniss proceed into the woods to set their trap.
But then jabberjays come and mimic Prim and a girl named Annie, nearly driving Katniss into sanity then luckily the birds die out and Katniss and Finnick take a moment to recover then go back and begin Beetee’s plan. Johanna and Katniss start by rolling out wire from a tree that is often struck by lightning. But then Johanna bashes Katniss’ head in and slices her arm in which Katniss believes is an attempt to kill her. 
Katniss survives the assault and goes to find Peeta but instead finds Beetee tied to a tree with a knife. Katniss finds out how the plan was supposed to go and finishes the job.
Katniss meets up with Gale but tragedy has struck district 12 and the capital's wrath is burning brighter than ever in her home district.
I really hated the ending of catching fire because Katniss’ life was bad enough before the hunger games and then this! It would have been so much easier to just murder Katniss in the beginning. However I really like how the arena was set up it was a lot more interesting having them know vaguely what was going to happen

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars because of the incidents in 12

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