Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Land of No Angels By: N. R. Wick

Romance, action, and fantasy all collide in Land of No Angels by N. R. Wick. This is an absolutely amazing book.

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Rebecca Ashford and her sister Errol have spent the last year of their lives hidden in the family’s tornado bunker. But on one night, the sound of a baby screaming cracks through the silence and Errol tries to save it, only to be poisoned by a demon. Rebecca now has to trust the mysterious survivor named Fox to help her find a cure. Along the way, she and Fox encounter demons and monsters, all the while Rebecca struggles with the magic that is supposed to assist them to locate the ingredients to cure her sister. Will Rebecca and Fox Make it in time to save her sister?

This is apart of a trilogy. The second book is called Land of No Mortals.

I liked how Errol saw the good in things even after she had been poisoned and pretty much was slowly dying.

I kind of wished this book had showed what Fox was thinking sometimes.

I give this book a 4 star rating.4-stars-2.jpg

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