Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Backlash By: Sarah Darer Littman Reviewed By: Ana S.

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Are you looking for a drama filled quick read? Well look no further! Backlash is the book to fit your needs!

After a mean online post made by Christian Dewitt, it pushed Lara to have a pill overdose and commit suicide. Luckily, she lived but she still wished the pills would of work. Will she make it through this difficult time?

Bree, Lara's ex-best friend, thought she deserved it after all that time Lara complained about her life. Bree also has a secret her mother doesn't want her to share.

Sydney hates being Lara's little sister. It seems as if Lara is always in the center of attention. Now with Lara going through therapy and her parents giving her extra attention, it seems as if Sydney will never get what she wants.

Liam always knew his family wasn't like other families. His parents seem to be always busy and really strict. His older sister, Bree, isn't any better. After learning about Lara's committing suicide and Bree's secret, Liam can never look at his sister the same way again. This book is split up in chapters with different points of views of the characters. I think it fits the book perfectly. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 
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