Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak

THE BOOK THIEF is one of my all time favorite books and..........the saddest book I have ever read.

Product Details
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Enter the world of Liesel Meminger, a 10 year old moving in with her new foster parents in Molching, Germany. The year is 1939 and the world is on the brink of war but for Liesel, a war has already begun. The war against children who tease her for being unable to read, the fact that her foster parents harboring a jew, and the sorrow that is constantly threatening to overtake her.

With the help of her new Papa, best friend Rudy, and a stack of stolen books, she will survive this terrible time. Liesel will read and make new friends only to have everything taken away from her.

This is a wonderfully well written story that brings the characters to life and allows you to feel their emotions.

As said before this book is extremely sad and not recommended for the faint of heart. It is also a higher reading level of book with some complicated words.

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