Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Grimm Legacy-- Fun and Fairy Tales

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When someone in the library recommended that I read The Grimm Legacy on the third day of school, I was a little wary that I wouldn't like it. I often like deep reads-- books that make me think about the world. I wasn't certain that this book would provide that type of experience.

I was wrong.

Written by Polly Shullman, The Grimm Legacy  is a story about a teenage girl named Elizabeth. She struggles to fit it, and struggles with the dynamics of having a very strict step-mother. When her favorite teacher sets her up with a job at the New York Circulating Materials Repository, she is excited and nervous to begin the job. The Repository is like a lending library for special and rare objects-- imagine being able to check out Marie Antoinette's wig or Abe Lincoln's top hat!

From day one, Elizabeth encounters strange and unexpected situations at work. She isn't sure if magic is involved, and things only get more awkward when she discovers that her crush also works there. Pretty soon, Elizabeth realizes that sometimes magic isn't only for fairy tales, and that some of the most unrealistic stories have fragments of truth.

This book was not only a fun read, it was also a fantastic experience for those who enjoy fairy tales and mystery. Finding and figuring out all of the parallels was awesome-- and the characters were lively and interesting. Some of the events were a little predictable, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the book!

I'd give The Grimm Legacy 4 out of 5 stars. Thank you, student from Mrs. Purnell's class whose name I don't know, for recommending this awesome book! Feel free to swing by and give me some more book advice!

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