Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spellcaster By: Claudia Gray
Nadia is a witch. Or she would be if her mother hadn't left her before she could complete her training. Now her father decides to pack up and move out to the seaside town of Captives Sound thinking that a change of scenery will do them all good but Nadia soon discovers that Captives Sound has its share of magic. Dark magic.Nadia must find out what it is.....without revealing herself as a witch in the process.

Mateo has lived in Captives Sound all his life. He would probably be a well loved person in the town if rumors of his family's "curse" and hereditary madness didn't follow him everywhere he went. So when the odd dreams start he tries to play them off as just what they are, dreams. But when he dreams repeatedly about a beautiful girl and his dreams start coming true, he realizes that there might be some truth to the family curse after all.

 The main thing I liked about this book was that there were set rules as to what the witches could do and not due. The reader's knowledge of these rules really helped them understand what was going on.

 Honestly, I read this book like a year ago so I don't remember anything that I really disliked. The one thing I can think of was that it was gruesome at some parts but that's it.

 Overall I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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