Thursday, March 10, 2016

Green Angel By: Alice Hoffman

Green can grow anything. Her garden yields the greatest plants and her vegetables are renowned. Other than her knack for growing, Green is nondescript. Not like the rest of her family who seem to shine. No one remembers Green. Then after one fateful day, Green forgets herself.
The girl who once was Green is now Ash. She inks darkness into her skin and chops off her hair. Half blind, Ash is alone in this world with nothing but her dog and a garden that won't grow. With the help of a few chance encounters can Ash transform back into Green before she completely looses herself.

The main thing I liked about this book was the sense of fantasy that runs through it. There is no blatant magic, but the story is mystical all the same. Also, the book is really short. If you aren't looking for a major commitment I suggest this book.

The main thing that I did not like about this book was that it is severely depressing. You watch the main character completely loose herself and curl up into a ball of sorrow. If you are looking for a feel good story DO NOT read this book.

Overall I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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