Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trouble By: Non Pratt

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I would recommend this book to a mature audience for things that it mentions or things that happen. I am recommending Trouble by Non Pratt. This book has a lot of drama and it is also romance.

Hannah should have been more careful. She knew the consequences that could happen if she wasn’t careful. Yet, she still did it, with him no less. It shouldn’t have been a problem for her if she had paid more attention, but she didn’t.

At fifteen years old, life smacked Hannah back when she found out she was pregnant. She has no one. Her best friend completely sold her out, revealed all of her secrets to the entire school. Her parents don’t know yet, and she’s not planning on telling them any time soon. No one wants to talk to her at all. Until Aaron comes along. The new kid doesn’t seem to care if she has a growing being in her. In fact, he actually offers to be the father. Hannah and Aaron go through many hard times with Hannah dealing with motherhood and Aaron trying to escape his past. Will they make it through or break in the middle?

I liked how this book also had Aaron’s point of view because it contributed a lot to how he was feeling towards everything and how he dealt with it.

I didn’t like how frequently it changed point of views because it eventually got confusing.

I give this book three out of five stars.3-stars1.jpg

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