Friday, September 25, 2015

What Makes a Good Book Review?

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What goes into a good review? Read on to find out what qualifies as a successful review!

No Spoilers!

Rule number one-- we don't spoil books! That makes people not want to read! A spoiler should NEVER be visible to someone scrolling through or reading your post. If you want to have special fonts that disguise spoilers, that is fine. Make sure to warn your readers. Any posts with spoilers will be removed, and the author's editing rights may be revoked! 

Give us the basics!

Don't forget to tell the reader the TITLE, AUTHOR, and GENRE of your book. If readers don't have the basics, they won't read your book!

Give us a quick summary!

Give your reader a summary of what your book is about-- spoiler-free, of course! Tell us about some of the exciting moments and features of your book. This isn't a constructed response, but we still need some details from the text!

Tell us how you felt while you read!

Did the book make you cry? Did it remind you of something happening in the real world? Did it frustrate you so much that you wanted to give up on it sometimes? We want your honest opinion about the book. Books help us travel to unseen worlds and allow us to experience things that we couldn't otherwise experience.  Tell us about how this one affected you!

Rate your book!

Give your book a rating out of five stars. 

Tell us where to find more!

Give your readers a link to more information about your book or your author. This could be another review, a video, an author's webpage-- it's up to you! It's always nice to double check other's opinions!

Make sure that it's polished!

Double check your review for spelling, grammar, and formatting issues. If your post has errors, the editorial board may go in and fix them (with Ms. Alkier's or Mrs. DuVall's permission) within your writing. If they do, they get to add "Edited by ______" to the bottom of your post. Spice up your post with images! Use picture (cited in the captions) to draw readers into your post!

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