Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vanishing girls by Lauren Oliver

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There is some mature content in this book.

Vanishing Girls had a good plot and the author put a big twist toward the end. The book had mystery and some crime solving. Throughout the book we see Nick who has been living with her father has move to her moms house. She moves back to somerville which she is not happy about especially after the car crash with her sister.

The crash leaves nick's sister Dara left with a scar across her face. Dara was the social and popular sister even though she was younger. No one in somerville has paid attention to Dara since then. Then a girl goes missing shortly after Nick comes to somerville. Dara disappears after this. Nick believes the disappearances are linked.

Is Nick right? Will she be able to save her sister in time and repair their lost relationship in time. Or is everything a you think is a lie. Find out by reading vanishing girls.

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