Monday, November 7, 2016

The Eternity Cure by: Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure is a sequel to The Immortal Rules. It is the second in The Blood of Eden series. Allison is determined to find her lost sire Kanin, but when she does, can she handle what she has found? He has been torchered by Sarren, aka Psycho Vamp, himself. His mind as well as his body are broken almost beyond repair. For months now he has been at the brink of death the only thing keeping him alive is the constant pang of hunger in his stomach. His blood lust. Allison must save Kanin, but there are more problems that arouse. Spiking a truce with her blood brother Jackal she sets off to save her sire and possible the world in the process. Sarren has set lose a new virus that has turned all the humans into decaying insane ravenous corpses that are toxic to vampires.

With Kanin's life in the balance she must find a cure for this new toxin. The only problem is how do you cure the incurable? Where do Jackals loyalties really lie? Is this all a plot of revenge for Sarren, or is it something more? How does here forbidden romance with Zeke come to play? Well I assure you, you can read to find out

The Eternity Cure is a wonderful and tear jerking book. You will laugh, cry, and cringe at all of its various twists and turns. Julie Kagawa has done it again in this stunning series. The end is a tremoendous cliffhangar really setting readers up for the thrilling conclusion in the Forever Song. Personally this book will go into my hall of fame. I give it a 5/5 stars.

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