Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Rook

Myfanwy Thomas is part of a secret government organization called The Checquy, or at least that's what the letter says. Myfanwy actually doesn’t know who she is, only that she’s important, important enough that someone, or something, wants her dead. In a failed assassination attempt, Myfanwy loses her memory, and has to act like her “old self”, except, there’s a problem, one that involves all of Britain, and may lead her to who want’s her dead.
My thinking of this book is that it’s a great book, with having action, mystery, and betrayal all in one. The only things I found hard to read was the beginning, and I often found myself skipping the letters, as they weren’t as exciting. Other than that, I give it 4 stars.Image result for 4 stars

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