Monday, February 8, 2016

"Boost"-- A Great Book for Basketball Lovers!

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I'm a hard sell on books about sports. Sports aren't generally in my interests, but a good author can boost my interests (see what I did there?!). This is certainly true about Boost by Kathy Makel.

Savannah "Savvy" Christopher and her family have had some seriously rotten luck over that last few year. After an accident ruins her father's professional golf career, Savvy and her family must move in with her great aunt halfway across the country from home. She has to make all new friends, cope with sharing a tiny room with her older sister Callie, and learn to work on her aunt's sheep farm. Things appear to get easier when Savvy makes in onto the 16 and under basketball team (she's only 14!), but her innate talent for the game and heigh make her not exactly welcome on her team.

To top off all of these problems, Savvy's sister starts acting strangely. One minute she's eating way too much, but then she's taking vitamin supplement to help her trim down for cheerleading. Will Savvy and her family ever get back to normal?

I'd give boost a 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked the story line, but sometimes I wished that the author could have been a little more descriptive. I really enjoyed the dialogue that Makel writes! Overall, it was a good read, and I'd recommend it to anyone-- especially those wanting to try a genre outside of what they might normally read.


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