Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Fifth Wave

Spoiler Alert!!!!

In the book the fifth wave the main character is Cassie Sullivan. When the Aliens come everything gets turned upside down as “the others” try to destroy all of humanity. Cassie is a high school girl who becomes all alone after the kidnapping of her brother occurs. Her brother is a little boy named Sammy. Sammy gets taken by “The Others”. This book is mainly about rescuing Sammy and not getting killed in the process. Along the way Cassie will find love, pain, betrayal, and friendship. But in order to save Sammy she must survive the five different waves.
Wave 1- lights out- All technology is shut down permanently.
Wave 2- surf's up- Extremely large waves destroy all cities near the ocean.
Wave 3- Pestilence- A plague designed to kill you from the inside out.
Wave 4- Silencer-“The Others” come to exterminate the remaining humans on Earth.

Wave 5- Us-They trick us into thinking they are human and make us kill ourselves.

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